Armistice Day 100th Anniversary in Crete

We were fortunate enough to be in Crete and staying just up the road from Souda Military Cemetary for the 100th Anniversary Armistice Day. There was a very well attended ceremony, always a very moving occasion. Souda Military Cemetary is in the most amazing position on the shores of Souda bay and is immaculately kept.

This headstones were together and it seems all formed part of the same crew.

After the ceremony we headed to the German Cemetary at Maleme. Another perfectly kept site also in a fantastic position on a hill overlooking the coast. So many on both sides lost their lives at such a young age.

During our stay we tried visiting the Resistance museum in Therissa, but unfortunately it was closed. There were a few anti air craft guns lying outside the museum.

The most impressive war museum by far is the private collection in Askyfou. The owner's grandfather was one of the brave partisans during the Battle of Crete and once the war was over collected some of the remains left behind by both the Germans and the British troops. His son carried on this collection and now the grandson has taken it on and they are still finding items scattered around the mountains and countryside. It is truly an amazing collection. An enthusiasts dream.