Plastic Plastic Everywhere

I recently took a short hike down the cliff to the Arch below which is situated on the outer side of Paradise Bay. The idea was to have a refreshing swim in the tiny cove where there are 3 or 4 boathouses built between the boulders. All materials must have been brought in by sea to be able to build them. Shame the owners do not keep the area clean. Such in idyllic little spot, peaceful and I would like to say clean - but clean it was not. There was just plastic everywhere. Dirty nappies thrown all over the place. There must have been about half a dozen strewn on the rocks and inside the boulders. To make it worse one of the boathouses had been demolished - maybe during a storm - and the whole area looked more like a rubbish dump. So not such a peaceful time after all. Malta what has happened to you?!
Below shows a very small amount of the plastic and rubbish there was all over the place.