Dar Ghax-Xemx - Still a very special place

Sarah Dittmore - Adventurer and Blogger

The sitting room in Dar ghax-Xemx

It was with great interest that I read Sarah Dittmore's Travel Blog the other day. I came across it through a facebook link of our former rental property in Victoria. I was very pleasantly surprised to see my name, together with my husband's, mentioned in the article, but the best thing about it is the true description of the property and its location tucked away in (what I consider to be) the prettiest alley in Victoria.

The two years converting Dar ghax-Xemx was hard work but probably one of the greatest joys of our life. Besides the actual work on the house we came to love a part of  Gozo we didn't even know existed before we bought the house. We met the alley neighbours who have become friends for life and a big part of our own personal life during the time it was in our hands. After 9 seasons of  successful holiday rental we had to make the very difficult decision to sell, this  was made easier in the knowledge that it was going to end up in the hands of the very neighbours who welcomed us in to the ''Triq il-Karmnu alley family''. Now reading this Travel Blog rekindles all the great memories, not only of  the renovation but also of those many guests we hosted in the house, some of which have become more than just guests and remain in touch until today.