Gozo's Iconic Azure Window - A Thing of the Past

Yesterday the news of the collapse of the Azure Window in Dwejra, Gozo, seemed to be spread like wildfire, not just here in the Maltese Islands but literally all over the world, 
The last two days of severe gale force winds and very rough seas proved what a fragile condition the arch was actually in. Something we took so much for granted and never thought it would actually disappear in our lifetime. Now all that is left is a reef where the pillar once stood. No doubt we will know more in the coming days when the sea calms down and the first divers get a glimpse of what is under the water and how in tact the slabs and boulders are.
Driving down to Dwejra this evening for the first time minus arch left me with quite a horrid empty feeling but, like everything else, time will pass and before we know it we will have to remind ourselves what it actually looked like when it was still standing. There's certainly enough photographic evidence of that!

The Azure Window as it was until yesterday morning.
Below is what it looks today.

You can see where the arch was attached to the cliff right where that small bit of rock is jutting out

Views are still lovely just a few metres away from where the arch once stood

The Fungus Rock was, apparently, part of an arch many, many, many years ago


Jane Berger said…
Missing the window that was a window to the soul of Gozo.