Latest Project - A Key Clock

After spending around eight months with a totally blank white wall in the sitting room, and not really sure what to do with it, I finally made a decision. The problem was having so much light in the room. Putting up anything like a painting, water colour, photos etc would only have lasted weeks before being totally ruined by the bright sunlight that blazes in to our room. Love the light but don't particularly like a bare wall. 

After discovering an old canvas bag full of antique keys in the my father's desk I knew I wanted to do something with them. Various ideas went through my head, and after numerous searches for inspiration on HOUZZ and PINTEREST I finally made up my mind. We had no wall clock hanging up anywhere and it would be a useful object to have and could be decorative too. So a wall clock it had to be.

Some weeks before actually getting down to starting the project, I purchased a clock mechanism online. Unfortunately the black was out of stock so I ordered the silver one and once it arrived I bought a can of black acrylic paint and sprayed it. Next I purchased the wood I needed and got to work. All it took was cutting the wood to the correct lengths with my mitre saw, a few blobs of wood glue, some screws and an acrylic coloured semi matt varnish and the background was ready. 
The keys were in quite a rusty dirty state, so I soaked them in vinegar for a few hours. Rinsed them off properly and sprayed them with black acrylic paint. Once everything had dried (left them a couple of days so the paint could harden properly) it was just a matter of sorting the keys in the correct positions and gluing them down using Araldyte (epoxy glue). I would have liked to have started off with very small keys at 1 O'Clock ending up with the largest at 12 O'Clock but that did not work out with the keys I had, so I was a bit random with them.

Basically that's it. It is up on the wall and fits the place perfectly.

As is the norm, after I have made something, I always come up with other ideas, like it would be fun to actually paint each slat of wood a different very bright colour - maybe the next one I will make.

Below shows the project on progress