UNICA Wins Double Handed

After many weeks of preparation for Jamie Sammut and John Cachia, UNICA's double handed team, the much anticipated 2016 edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race has come to an end and ended on a real high with UNICA as winners of this class.

They had a fantastic start in light conditions and were first boat (and first Maltese boat) out of the harbour. Each leg of the 600+ mile long course had its ups and down. The toughest leg was rounding Favignana straight in to a 30 knot head on wind to Pantalleria. The wind died down a bit at this checkpoint but it was still a beat to Lampedusa where a lack of wind lost them quite a few places. Past Lampedusa and it was homeward bound. On this last leg the wind changed direction, so they had the wind behind them enabling them to keep up a good speed. 

Throughout the race UNICA passed each checkpoint managing to keep the lead, but it was in the final 24 hours, with Jboat 2Hard (literally too hard on their tail) that the result was going to be touch and go. It was due to the very light wind conditions around Malta that 2Hard was stopped from being able to catch up and grab the coveted prize.

A big thank you from TEAM UNICA for all the support from their sponsors.

Below are some of my favourite pictures taken by various people throughout the event.

UNICA ready to race Pic: Bunty Cachia
John setting up a sail pre start Pic: Bunty Cachia
Just before the start of the race Pic: Bunty Cachia

UNICA - 2nd boat from R - heading out of the harbour Pic: Bunty Cachia

Great shot of UNICA just before leaving the harbour, first boat out Pic: Paul Ellul

Top and below: Taken by Jamie's drone 

On their way to Stromboli Pic: Kurt Arrigo for Rolex

The next two shots below are pretty awful ones but all I have - taken with my phone

Being interviewed by Rolex film crew