Maltese Tomatoes

At this time of year farmhouse shelves should be stacked with jars of delicious tomato preserves like the ones pictures above. I say SHOULD because, unfortunately, the shelves are  pretty empty.
Due to the lack of rain this past year, the summer crops suffered a lot and the tomato  crop was one of them. Maltese tomatoes have a reputation for being quite scrummy and when there is an excess and  selling cheaply that is the time to start stocking up for the winter. Jars and jars of sun dried tomatoes, pulped or whole tomatoes and last but, by no means, least the delicious 'kunserva'.

'Kunserva' is probably one of the most important and mostly used preserves you will find in a Maltese kitchen. We use it for just about anything and one of the best ways is a lovely big chunk of Maltese bread, a dollop of 'kunserva' , olive oil and pepper.  In case you were wondering what 'kunserva' actually is - it is a tomato concentrate. It is also made in Italy, and I presume in other Mediterranean countries, but the Maltese 'kunserva' - especially when it is home made - must rank as one of the best.


Lisa said…
Oh your sun dried tomato jar looks just amazing!!! I put kunserva on just about anything, sadly I've never had the pleasure of trying homemade one. :)
Bunty said…
Home made kunserva is much sweeter but so delicious that you can just spoon it out of the jar and in to your mouth.