Spring but more like Summer in Malta & Gozo

The Maltese Islands are exceptionally warm for this time of year. We have hardly had a winter, practically no rain and the countryside is looking as dry as it looks in summer. Wondering what sort of summer we are going to have? Some 'armchair' experts say it is going to be insanely hot, others say it will be a windy one (don't mind that!), others are talking about rain. Whatever is on its way I just want to live the  moment right now the weather is heavenly.

This little pretty pink succulent, known as Scatta Pietra (not sure of the English word) is apparently very good for kidney stones. Brewed to make a tea and drunk at regular intervals.

Early morning dew - prickly pears

Cloudless sky over San Dimitri Chapel, Gozo

The shady side at San Dimitri Chapel, Gozo 

Sheep grazing - unfortunately large flocks are now a rare sight