Malta 3rd Best Diving Destination in the World

Malta has, once again, been declared as the third best diving destination in the world at the Diver Awards Ceremony, International Dive Show in London.
I asked the question why? When compared to so many other beautiful places in the world. When one thinks of diving the immediate picture is being under water surrounded by fish of all types and colours, coral reefs etc etc. Diving in Malta and Gozo is quite different to that particular picture. Diving out here offers something else that is quite difficult to achieve in many other places, especially within an ocean that has big tidal movement. The clarity of the Maltese water is quite amazing, thus emphasising the different shades of blue from turquoise to the deepest of midnight blue. Rock formations are fascinating together with multiple caves, tunnels, pillars and the list goes on. Then, extending the massive amount of history actually on land back in to the sea with wrecks from the Roman era, to the enormous amount of World War II wrecks scattered off shore and further out to sea. Plus the recent craft deliberately scuttled in shallower waters making them more accessible for the beginner to intermediate diver as well as the more experienced.
So my conclusion was, yes I can understand why diving in Malta and Gozo has managed to achieve this prestigious prize.