Sicily - November 2015 (3)

Early morning in Acitrezza

Acitrezza harbour

Going out fishing - Acitrezza

Early morning - Acitrezza

At the fish market in Acitrezza

The main square of Acitrezza
 FOOOD! Below pics were taken in the lovely market in Syracuse. It is not a huge market, but brimming over with character (and characters!). My sort of heavenly place. In the middle of the market is a tiny restaurant - just a small room with a couple of tables outside. They also have a stall outside where various things are cooking, like octopus stew which you can stop and taste. If you are feeling a bit peckish (like we were) sit and have a great meal. I ate the best Spagehetti con le Vongole I have had and my husband had a superb swordfish steak.

Don't often see green cauli's in Malta

Where else can you shop and be entertained at the same time?