Homeward Bound - RMSR 2015

The first bunch of boats are back in harbour and at present B2 is leading in the overall standings. It is still early to say whether or not they will retain that lead but they seem to be hot favourites to win the overall.
Meanwhile, there is another stiff race going on which is totally separate from the actual RMSR overall. That is between the Maltese yachts which are bunched up to within 2 to 4 miles of each other leading the first group of smaller boats racing. They have now rounded Lampedusa and it is a race back home to see who will be the first Maltese boat in. These boats have been jostling for position throughout most of the race, and been grouped together since rounding Stromboli. They are expected to be in during the night/very early hours of the morning. It has certainly been a race where they have not been able to let up for a single minute throughout.
So..... will it be Artie, Elusive, Juno, Unica or XP-ACT first Maltese boat in? 
Looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and seeing the results!

Pics below taken by Kurt Arrigo and Carlo Borlenghi for the RMSR