Cooking in a Pumpkin

We get given pumpkins on a regular basis from various people. Always welcome in our household. There is so much one can do with this wonderful vegetable (some may call it a fruit). The one below was brought in by one of my sons and he suggested cooking in it. So I did! After browsing on the internet for a few extra tips I decided on a beef curry. To be honest I think a stew is a much better choice.
Below you can see the various stages of this process. It was great fun and shall definitely do it again. If you are cooking for a special occasion try and get the tiny pumpkins (not so easy to find here in Malta, but think it is easier abroad) so that you can use a small one per person and the pumpkin with contents can be served up as an individual dish.

Slice head off suitably sized pumpkin
Scoop out seeds and either throw away or dry in sun if you like chewing on them. Scoop out flesh and keep aside. Leave about an inch of flesh in the gourd.
Wipe outside of pumpkin clean and wipe over with oil.
Make up a curry, stew - whatever - of your choice and pour into pumpkin.

Put into medium/hot oven around 180C . Time depends on size of pumpkin.
Mine was quite large and left in for a good 2 hours.

Make sure to scoop out some of the lovely pumkin flesh from the sides
when serving.

1. Make sure to include some chopped up pumpkin flesh in your stew/curry.

2. Keep all the extra flesh. You can cook it like you would swede. It is nice to fry an onion, add chopped up pumpkin flesh - when cooked mash up with a dollop of butter. You can put in freezer for later use.

3. I like to add it to my roast potatoes - unbelievably tastylicious.

4. Fry up same way you would do any fritter.

5. The obvious important ingredient of any 'Minestra'. Make a soup on it's own or added to another vegetable.

6. There are also desserts and jams than can be made (which I have never tried out).