Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maltese Optimist Team do well in Slovenia National Championships

 The 2015 Optimist National Championships in Slovenia were held last weekend in Koper.
Malta's four strong team made up of Craig Farrugia Vella together with Antonia, Richard and Victoria Schultheis, had quite a challenge ahead of them with strong winds and stiff competition throughout the regatta.

All four sailors managed to make it to the Gold fleet.
Craig Farrugia Vella sailed very well with two 2nd placings and a 1st but dropped a back a bit in the following four races. Nevertheless, this did not stop him ending up overall in 3rd place.
Victoria Schultheis also sailed extremely well throughout with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th among her placings. It was her 22nd position that set her back but coming in 4th behind Craig in the overall list meant that she was the first girl in the fleet on the leader board.
Young Richard Schultheis started off the event with two 3rd placings but lost out a bit in the last few races. Still ranked as a Cadet, Richard has a few more years to go on the Oppies and will, no doubt, be someone to look out for on the International Oppie scene over the next few years. His overall placing was 11th in the Gold fleet and 3rd Cadet.
Antonia Schultheis, also in the Gold fleet, started the event very well with a first placing in her second race. If it wasn't for two races in which she was black flagged her overall position would have been higher up the ladder. Her final position being 37th in the Gold fleet and 11th female.

These four young sailors have had quite an eventful summer season racing and training all over Europe giving them more and more experience racing at an international level.

The next big Optimist event to take place in Malta is the Euromed Championships. This annual International Regatta grows each year with some of the best Oppie sailors in the world participating.
You can find out more details about the EUROMED on this LINK.

Pics taken below by Andrea Schultheis
(Click on the pic to enlarge)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Good Results for Malta Young Sailors

 After a lack of wind on the first day of racing at the 2015 National Championships in Slovenia, the following day brought enough wind to get the fleet out on to the water and have four consecutive races.
A super start for the Maltese team competing with Craig Farrugia Vella at the top of the Leader board and Victoria Schultheis in 3rd place and 1st female sailor.
Richard Schultheis was, unfortunately, black flagged in one race and is presently in overall 10th position.
Antonia Schultheis had a couple of  excellent races with a 1st place in the second race and a 10th placing in the fourth race. Unfortunately, she also was blackflagged in the other two races which set her a back a bit in the overall placings that day.

It was a good start for our local sailors with each of them competing up at the top of the fleet. Wishing them all luck for the remainder of the championship.

Craig Farrugia Vella - during competitioin in the Optimist World Championships a few weeks ago. Pic: Ivan Esposito
Below are Antonia, Richard and Victoria Schultheis. Pics taken by Andrea Schultheis during an event in Lago di Garda some weeks back.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Slovenia National Championships 2015 - Optimists

Four members of the Malta Young Sailors Club are presently in Slovenia taking part in the 2015 National Championships. The location of the event is in Koper which is in the North Adriatic.
Craig Farrugia Vella together with Antonia, Richard and Victoria Schultheis are amongst a fleet of 163 participants. 
The Championships, unfortunately, did not get off to a very good start as there was a complete lack of wind for the first day of racing. Hopefully the wind will set in enough to enable the fleet to get out on the water and race over the weekend.

Location of the event in the Adriatic

No wind!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

J70 Champions League in Porto Cervo

The J70 Championships League 2015 took place in Porto Cervo, Sardinia between the 18th and 20th September. This championship is a competition between the club champions from various European clubs.  Ten races were run within different groups with a total of 30 clubs participating.

The team representing the Royal Malta Yacht Club consisted of John Ripard Jr. together with his children Sebastian, Thomas and Julia. They raced well among heavy competition and in tough sailing conditions, also managing a first placing in one of the races and finishing 15th overall at the end of event.

Championship winners from the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club
Pic: J70 Sailing Championships League

Royal Malta Yacht Club team


Monday, September 21, 2015

Some Shots from Today

 Below are some pics from today in Ghallis.
Been a while since picking up my camera and am very disappointed with the results - back to the drawing board!
David Vassallo
Chris Spiteri
David Vassallo

David Vassallo

Bernard Gauci, Darius Goodwin, Chris Spiteri

Marc Calascione

Marc Calascione

Marc Calascione


Mark Schranz

Thomas Meachen

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cooking in a Pumpkin

We get given pumpkins on a regular basis from various people. Always welcome in our household. There is so much one can do with this wonderful vegetable (some may call it a fruit). The one below was brought in by one of my sons and he suggested cooking in it. So I did! After browsing on the internet for a few extra tips I decided on a beef curry. To be honest I think a stew is a much better choice.
Below you can see the various stages of this process. It was great fun and shall definitely do it again. If you are cooking for a special occasion try and get the tiny pumpkins (not so easy to find here in Malta, but think it is easier abroad) so that you can use a small one per person and the pumpkin with contents can be served up as an individual dish.

Slice head off suitably sized pumpkin
Scoop out seeds and either throw away or dry in sun if you like chewing on them. Scoop out flesh and keep aside. Leave about an inch of flesh in the gourd.
Wipe outside of pumpkin clean and wipe over with oil.
Make up a curry, stew - whatever - of your choice and pour into pumpkin.

Put into medium/hot oven around 180C . Time depends on size of pumpkin.
Mine was quite large and left in for a good 2 hours.

Make sure to scoop out some of the lovely pumkin flesh from the sides
when serving.

1. Make sure to include some chopped up pumpkin flesh in your stew/curry.

2. Keep all the extra flesh. You can cook it like you would swede. It is nice to fry an onion, add chopped up pumpkin flesh - when cooked mash up with a dollop of butter. You can put in freezer for later use.

3. I like to add it to my roast potatoes - unbelievably tastylicious.

4. Fry up same way you would do any fritter.

5. The obvious important ingredient of any 'Minestra'. Make a soup on it's own or added to another vegetable.

6. There are also desserts and jams than can be made (which I have never tried out).

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Euromed Championships 2015

The 2015 edition of the Euromed Championships will be taking place in Mellieha Bay between the 19th and 21st of December.
The Euromed attracts a large fleet of sailors from various countries worldwide. Competition is tough and it is the main event of the year that gives all Optimist and Laser sailors in Malta to compete in a high ranking international event.

Preparations for this event are ongoing throughout the year. A hard working team of committee members and volunteers give up many precious hours of their time in order to maintain the excellent reputation this championship has built up over the years.

Contact the Malta Young Sailors Club for more details.

Mega/Super Yachts Gracing our Bay

Below are two yachts gracing our bay today (Mellieha Bay). One is the Megayacht  'OCTOPUS' owned by Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) and the other is Superyacht ?........well cannot make out the name so have no info about that one. You can read up on Wikipedia about 'OCTOPUS'.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Team Betsafe 3rd Overall at J70 Eurocup 2015

The J70 Eurocup at Fraglia Vela Riva, Lago di Garda came to an end today after three successful days of racing.
Malta's Team Betsafe sailed very professionally ending the regatta with an overall third position which was achieved by their consistent good results. Their best results being a 3rd, followed by three 4ths and three 5th positions.
Team Betsafe certainly made an impression on fellow sailors and spectators - so much so as to be mentioned in an article which came out on day 2 of the event. You can read this article on Sail World.

The J70 class is a fast growing, very recent one design class and has a very competitive following locally here in Malta.

A big well done to Sebastian and his team.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Team Betsafe - J70 Eurocup Fraglia Vela Riva

Team Betsafe

Team Betsafe are, once again, competing abroad and gaining more experience internationally on the J70. They are also bringing Malta to the forefront as a force to be reckoned with in the J70 racing sphere.

The J70 Eurocup is taking place at the Fraglia Vela Riva on Lago di Garda between the 10th and 12th September. So far 3 races have been sailed with Team Betsafe getting three 4th place finishes giving them an overall 3rd place standing out of 31 competitors. Competition is close with just two points between the 2nd place and 4th placed boats. Racing continues today.

Racing for Team Betsafe are Sebastian Ripard, Benjie Borg, J. Calascione and J. Davis.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Optimist World Championships - Final Results

World Champion Rok Verderber from Slovenia
Pic taken from Championship website
Malta sailors Craig Farrugia Vella, Katryna Esposito and Michael Amadori

The 2015 Optimist World Championships came to an end last week. Unfortunately the event was plagued with a lack of wind making it very difficult to actually complete a lot of the races.
Competition was, obviously, very tough with the best sailors from each nation competing for the coveted prize.
None of our Maltese sailors managed to make it in to the Gold fleet, but Michael Amadori and Craig Farrugia Vella qualified for the Silver fleet. Michael Amadori achieved some very good results and came in 5th overall in the Silver fleet also managing a 1st placing in one of the final races together with a 6th and 11th placing earlier on in the event. Craig came in 21st overall within the Silver fleet. His best races being a 7th and two 15th placings. Katryna qualified in the Bronze fleet and came 5th overall in the female Bronze category. Her best placings were an 11th, 21st and 28th place.
This will be the last opportunity to race in the Optimist World Championships for both Michael and Katryna as they will now be old enough to start racing in the Laser class.

It has been an eventful year for this young team. They have had many exciting and privileged experiences leading up to the Worlds. Something that will remain with them for the rest of their lives and a very important part of their young sailing careers.

The next big event for all our Maltese young sailors and Malta itself is the Euromed Championships which attracts a large number of Optimist and young Laser sailors from various parts of the world. Entries exceed 100 + and the event will be taking place between the 19th and 21st December of this year.





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