2015 Optimist World Championships Under Way

Pics: Robert Farrugia Vella/Ivan Esposito

Pic from www.optiworld.org

Practice race over and the qualifying races started yesterday in very light conditions. Unfortunately, due to wind conditions, only one race was completed in the yellow fleet in which Katryna Esposito took part.
Katryna had a good start with conditions similar to the practice race. She made use of knowledge gained on the course the previous day choosing the right side of the course to her advantage. Rounding the first buoy in 13th position she held on to her place pushing a bit more to finish 11th. A great start for Katryna.

In Craig's fleet they attempted three starts to no avail and Michael's fleet were unable to even try one start due to the lack of wind. Let's hope the wind improves for the rest of the qualifying races.

The fleet picture above is the main page banner on www.optiworld.org  Lovely to see Craig's MLT sail in the forefront of the picture.