Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some more Pics from the Oppie Euros in Wales

The Magic Marine Optimist European Championships 2015 in Wales have come and gone. The 8 children flying the flag for Malta left their mark and have put Malta firmly on the Optimist Sailing map. A big well done to the sailors and, of course, to coach Jean Paul Fleri Soler and team leader Anna Rossi. A lot of time is devoted to many young sailors over the year by quite a few people who work tirelessly behind the scenes and are often forgotten, so a big well done to them too. 

Below are a few more photos taken throughout the event by Andrea Schultheis.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Magic Marine Optimist Europeans - final day

Below a round up of the final day at the Optimist European Championships 2015

Maltese Medalists at Optimist European Championships 2015

Last night the Magic Marine Optimist European Championships 2015 held their prize giving ceremony. It was a proud moment for the Maltese Team to have two team members amongst the top prize winners.

Below a selection of photos taken by team leader, Anna Rossi, during the event.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Optimists - Malta Team Training in Greece

 In preparation for their participation in the Optimist World Championships in Poland this coming August, Craig Farrugia Vella and Katryna Esposito are in Greece undergoing some intensive training with Greek coach Vagelis Atzemian. Next week they will be participating in a regatta where other team member, Michael Amadori, will be joining them.
The Greek young sailors are quite a force to be reckoned with (Greece has just won the Boys European Championships and won 2nd place in the Girls European Championships in Wales this week).
Today was their first day of training and it turned out to be strong winds gusting 38 knots. Unfortunately Katryna tore her sail, but after a sail change, and in spite of the very strong wind, they still had a training session focussing mainly on survival in strong wind, gybing under pressure and race starts in strong wind.

Craig Farrugia Vella and Katryna Esposito with their coach Vagelis Atzemian
Katryna Esposito limping back home with her torn sail

Last day of Racing - Optimist European Championships 2015 - Podium Position for Malta

The Optimist European Championships 2015 came to an end today. An event in which they experienced all kinds of weather from perfect sunny sailing days to strong winds and high seas to much lighter breezes  - pushing these kids to their limit.
Team Malta sailed well in a fleet made up of a mixture of world class sailors and sailors making their debut onto the international racing scene.

Three of the Maltese sailors made it into the top Gold fleets for the finals. Matthew Micallef and Jake Satariano were in the Gold fleet for the boys and Victoria Schultheis made the girls Gold fleet.
Victoria Schultheis came in 3rd overall in the girls fleet giving Malta its first podium finish in a top International event.
There were some good results in today's racing for the Maltese with Antonia Schultheis coming in 2nd over the line and her sister Victoria 6th in the final race. Matthew Micallef sailed well throughout helping him to climb up the leader board overall into 29th postion within the Gold fleet,
Richard Schultheis also did well within the silver fleet coming in an overall 3rd placing. Lucas Le Gault had a very good final day of racing which helped him into 18th place overall in the Bronze group.

The final boys and girls results are as follows:
BOYS GOLD:       1st Aimilianos Monos (GREECE)
                               2nd Matej Planinsic (SLOVENIA)
                               3rd Cesare Barabino (ITALY)
                               29th Matthew Micallef (MALTA)
                               48th Jake Satariano (MALTA)

BOYS SILVER:    3rd Richard Schultheis (MALTA)

BOYS BRONZE:  18th Lucas Le Gault (MALTA)
                               25th Kane Seychell (MALTA)

GIRLS GOLD:       1st Julia Minina (SPAIN)
                                2nd Ariadni Spanaki (GREECE)
                                3rd Victoria Schultheis (MALTA)
GIRLS SILVER:     25th Antonia Schultheis (MALTA)
                                 38th Gaby Mifsud (MALTA)

The Malta Young Sailors Club has been instrumental in putting Malta firmly on the Optimist Sailing map. The committee and volunteers at the club work hard each year motivating its members through training sessions, regular racing, fun events and opportunities to compete abroad . Their sailing season ends each year with the ever popular Euromed International Championships which attracts a growing number of foreign participation as each year goes by.

Pics below taken from Optimisteuros2015 Facebook page

Malta's Victoria Schultheis - 3rd overall Girls Gold fleet

Aimilianos Monos - Boys European Champion
Julia Minina - Girls European Champion

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

.............meanwhile in Greece Malta has another Optimist Team

Whilst the European Optimist Championships are taking place in Wales, in which Malta has a team of eight sailors participating, another Maltese team of 3 young sailors is training in Greece in preparation for a regatta they will be competing in next week. This regatta is part of their preparation for the Optimist World Championships 2015 which are being held in Poland between the 25th August and 5th September.

One of the team members Craig Farrugia Vella

Optimist European Championships 2015 - Day 4.

The qualifying races were yesterday completed in strong winds and large swell. The fleet of these young kids really showed what they are capable of by managing to cope in these conditions. One has to admire them.
Croatia's Palma Cargo and Great Britian's Rory Harper ruled the day, expertly handling the conditions, to end up leading their respective groups.
Qualifiers over and the fleet have now been divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze classes for the boys and Gold and Silver for the girls.
Within the Malta team Matthew Micallef and Jake Satariano made it into the Boys Gold fleet and Victoria Schultheis made it into the Girls Gold fleet.
Richard Schultheis is racing in the Boys Silver fleet, whilst Lucas Le Gault and Kane Seychell are racing in the Bronze fleet. Gaby Mifsud and Antonia Schultheis are both racing in the Girls Silver fleet.
Below shows the tough conditions yesterday.

Pic: Andrea Schultheis

Pic: Andrea Schultheis

Pic Andrea Schultheis

Pic: Andrea Schultheis

Pic: Andrea Schultheis

Pic: Andrea Scshulteis

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Magic Marine Optimist European Championships - race day 2Day 3 of the event

Yesterday, the second day of racing in the Magic Marine Optimist European Championships, had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. You can hear more about this in the video below.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Team Malta - Day 2 Optimist Europeans 2015

 Click on Pics to enlarge. Pics: Andrea Schultheis
Race start
Antonia Schultheis

Gaby Mifsud

The first 3 qualifying races were held yesterday, day 2 of the Magic Marine Optimist European Championships being held in Pwllheli, Wales. Sailing on a lovely sunny day in moderate winds and lumpy seas competitors familiarized themselves with the local conditions in Cardigan Bay.

Matthew Micallef

The Spanish team stole the limelight with 6 wins in the first 15 races. Martin Lago-Terres and Julia Minana took the overall lead in the boys and girls classes at the end of the day.
Malta entry, Victoria Schultheis, had a disappointing first race finishing in 23rd position but soon upped her standard by finishing 1st in the next two races. Racing in this location is not new to Victoria as she came 2nd overall and 1st female this time last year in the Pwllheli International Optimist Regatta 2014.

Victoria Schultheis

Richard Schultheis

Jake Satariano has sailed fairly consistently with a 23rd, 6th and 19th placing in his group as has Matthew Micallef with a 12th, 16th and 27th placing in his group.Richard Schultheis has raced well with a 4th and 21st but was, unfortunately, black flagged in one race which disqualified him from that race. Lucas Le Gault's best placing yesterday was 40th and Kane Seychell came in 23rd in the third race. In the girl's fleet Gaby Mifsud and Antonia Schultheis both came in 34th in the 2nd race in their respective groups. Overall placings tend to change quite drastically after each race and it will be interesting to see how they have changed after today's racing.

Lucas Le Gault

Jake Satariano

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Optimist European Championships 2015 - What a Location!

Love this photo by Sports Images Wales  of the oppies going out onto the water. What a perfect place to have the event.

Team Malta - Day 1 Optimist Europeans 2015

Day 1 of the Optimist Europeans started off well. Registration is over and there are  159 boys and 97 girls from 37 competing nations are competing in this year's event.
A practice race was held in good winds with gusts of over 20 knots and quite a big swell. First sailor to cross the finishing line was Aimilianos Monos from Greece. A good start to the next few days of racing.

For the opening ceremony all teams, carrying their national flags, were led through Pwllheli to the new Plas Heli Welsh Sailing Academy who are hosting this year's Championships.

The first 3 days of racing will be qualifiers splitting the teams into Yellow, Blue and Red fleets for the boys and Yellow and Blue fleets for the girls. The last 2 days will be the finals.

The races should be able to be followed live through the TRACKER .

Below some photos of Day 1
This photo ,taken by , gives a good idea of the conditions they were sailing in during the practice race yesterday
Malta team with team leader Anna Rossi and coach Jean Paul Fleri Soler Pic: Andrea Schultheis

Pic: Andrea Schultheis

Opening ceremony Pic: Andrea Schultheis

Below are the Maltese Young Sailors taking part in the event. Pics: Andrea Schultheis
Kane Seychell

Jake Satariano

Lucas le Gault

Antonia Schultheis

Richard Schultheis

Matthew Micallef

Gaby Mifsud

Victoria Schultheis


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