Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Club Tropicana - Out of the Blue - Wham! Filmed in Malta

This video has come out featuring Out of the Blue with a remake of Wham's 'Club Tropicana'. Filmed in Malta thanks to the Corinthia St. George Hotel, where part of the video was shot, and to British Airways Holidays who helped make this all possible. A great advert for Malta.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Take 27 Ltd Demo reel 2015

Below is a Demo Reel produced by a friend of mine who has an Illustration and Animation company. Some excellent work.

Selmun Morning Walk

A few pics taken whilst out walking this morning through Selmun
Click  on pics to enlarge

Almond Blossom

Overlooking Mistra Bay

Selmun Palace

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A couple of Winter Gozo Pics


The Gozo Snail carving along the salt pans near Qbajjar. Unfortunately erosion is winning and in a few years time the whole thing will just be a faint outline.

One of the old boathouses down at the Wied il-Ghasri inlet. Photo a bit too HDR for my liking but one of my first attempts with HDR.

Looking down at the pebbly beach at the end of Wied il-Ghasri

Trying to  be artistic - failed miserably!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Jake Satariano - Winter Training and Competition

12 year old Young Sailor, Jake Satariano, is following up his successful participation in the 2014 Optimist World Championships in Argentina with a continuous training and racing regime both locally and abroad.
Jake has recently been fortunate enough to travel to Spain to train under the watchful eye of Spanish coach, Magda Resano, and participate in the Torrevieja Regatta. The level of this regatta was very high with approximately 330 sailors from around 15 participating countries.
Races on day 1 were delayed due to over 30 knots of wind, but eventually 3 races were held later in the day with gusts over 25 knots. Jake did very well in the Yellow fleet of 110 sailors managing a noteable 6th and 9th placing in spite of bad starts, but he played the shifts well and caught up with the leading bunch of the fleet.  3rd race did not go so well after he was yellow flagged and did  not play the shifts as well as he did in the first 2 races.
Saturday the wind was still very breezy at 22 knots. Still sailing in the yellow fleet he managed some consistent results with a 33rd, 24th and 23rd placing - enough for him to get a 49th overall position and a place in the Gold Fleet.
Sunday, final day of racing, brought light shifty wind conditions. Jake's objective was to concentrate on getting good starts. His starts were better but the shifting winds made for some tricky sailing. Race results for Sunday were 66th, 39th and 67th. These results gave him an overall 56th placing in the Regatta. A good result for this young man and he has come a long way since last year where he came 190th overall in this same regatta. An improvement of 134 places.
Once again Jake's determination and dedication has shown what a bright future he has in the sport of sailing. 
Jake is a member of the Malta Young Sailors club which has a number of excellent young sailors, both experienced and up and coming, who can all boast of a high standard of sailing.

Pics courtesy of Magda Resano

Jake standing next to coach Magda Resano pre event

Jake Satariano (5th from left) with other members of the Spanish team
MLT22 - Jake Satariano sailing out of the harbour towards the race course
MLT22 - Jake Satariano


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