RMSR2014 - Half the Fleet Through Straits of Messina

Half the RMSR fleet has gone through the 2nd check point of the Straits of Messina. They have had a slow race so far and the next 24 hours does not look like it will be any different. Esimit is leading and is on its way to Favignana where it should find a decent breeze for the last half of the race back home. Positions are changing as each boat comes through the Straits, but, as I write, the leading boat on corrected time is Sagola Biotrading with Maltese boat Otra Vez in second place.
The most interesting position at this point is a classic yawl called Stormy Weather of Cowes (what a fab name) which is 4th on corrected time through the Straits.
Five of the big boats have now passed the next checkpoint of Stromboli with the Cookson 50 Mascalzone Latino in the overall lead at this point and time.
No doubt all positions will have changed by tomorrow morning. It looks like they are in for another very slow night. It is tough work trying to push just a fraction of a knot extra out of the boats in these conditions.
Please click on pics below to enlarge. The last picture is taken by Kurt Arrigo for Rolex. The boats are Ran and Shockwave sailing through the Straits of Messina.