RMSR 2014 - Light Wind Start

A 122 yachts got off to a very slow start this morning. Once they got out of the Grand Harbour they had a bit more wind and had a beat up to a buoy off Dragonara point. Once they rounded that bouy they had a close reach out towards Sicily. 
As usual it was a spectacular event to watch and a great privilage to be able to be so close to all the action on the water.
The fleet are now off Capo Passero as I type and it looks like the wind has shifted head on. Positions have changed dramatically with most of the fleet bunching up just off the Cape. Maltese boats Otra Vez and Artie are in a good position whilst Esimit Europa is leading the fleet and is around quarter of the way up the coast of the Eastern side of Sicily heading towards the Messina Straits.
The race can be followed closely on the TRACKER  and overall results are given at every stage of the race which can be seen on this LINK
Below is a very small selection of photos taken this morning. Click on the pics to enlarge.