RMSR 2014 - Last Minute Prep

The Royal Malta Yacht Club  is a hive of activity right now. Crew members are making last minute preparations. Some off loading any extra weight, food supplies being bought and stacked away, long range weather forecasts being studied, training sessions going on throughout the day......and the list goes on............whilst others sit back on the deck of the RMYC enjoying a drink and some good food and savouring the scene of this very special annual event.

''Kick off''' starts at 11.00hrs tomorrow morning. There are 5 classes in all and starts will be at 15 minute intervals. To watch the start of the race the best places to be are either at the bottom of Liesse Hill under Victoria Gate on the Valletta side of the harbour or under the bastions at Senglea. Other spectacular spots (looking from higher up down at the harbour)  are St. Barbara's Bastions, Lower Barrakka Gardens, Upper Barrakka Gardens, Great Siege Bell and Herbert Ganado Gardens. Be prepared to find a lot of people! The new bridge over the break water is a brilliant viewing point, but this was taken over last year with a private/invitation only party and I expect it will be the same for this year.  Better still is to be on a boat and view the start inside the harbour or else outside the harbour at the first buoy.

Each boat has a tracking device attached and this enables those following the race to track each yacht as it sails around the 609 mile course. You can access the tracker on this LINK  The tracker will be up and functioning as from the start of the race tomorrow morning.