RMSR 2014 - ARTIE Does it Again Maltese Boats put on a Good Show

ARTIE has done it again! First overall and what a race they had. 
After a bit of a bad start they pushed hard to overtake OTRA VEZ who was leading the fleet until just before the half way mark. Once the stormy weather hit them they were really in their element and pushed the boat hard increasing their lead and coming across the finish line to claim their 1st overall placing.
Still to be confirmed, but it is most likely,  XP- ACT and OTRA VEZ will be taking 2nd and 4th overall placings too. What a result for Malta!

Throughout the race there has been an internal battle between these three boats. All very good sailors and highly competitive.

Meanwhile, there are still some boats racing and completing the last leg from Lampedusa to Malta. A lot of the fleet retired due to the safety factor whilst others had to limp in to the nearest harbour with damage to their boats and sails.

Yet again this year's RMSR has kept not only the sailors on their toes but also us sitting comfortably at home glued to the Tracker on our computers. Always an exciting and nail biting time of the year - this race never fails to live up to its reputation.

Below are some photos taken by Kurt Arrigo for Rolex
There is also one taken on board BRISTOLIAN by John Burnie.
Please click on the pics to enlarge