Optmist World Championship 2014 - First Day of Preparation

Yesterday Jake Satariano, who is representing Malta in the 2014 Optimist World Championships in Argentina, acquired his boat and kit and was able to get out on to the water for the afternoon to start familiarising himself with the race venue. After some water time his sail had to be measured. First day of preparation over.

Helping him on his way to Argentina were RLR YACHTING and DE VERE GROUP

The event in Argentina is sponsored by:
Banco Galicia, Telecom Personal, Parrado Yacht Insurance, Riotecna, Despegar.com, Pinturas SteelCote, Bourke Advertising and Production, Dole, Avène, Granix, ENARD, Municipalidad de San Isidro, Prefectura Naval Argentina, Secretaria de Deportes de Nación, Asociación de Optimist Argentina y la Federación Argentina de Yachting.