Jake Satariano on his way to Argentina for 2014 Optimist World Championships

MLT22 Jake Satariano - Pic: Bunty Cachia

It was out on the rib during the start of the 2013 RMSR that Jake was telling us he was aiming to participate in the Oppie World Championships this year. Cannot believe this year has passed and that opportunity for Jake is happening right now.
As I write this Jake is about to fly off on his journey from Malta to Argentina - quite a long trek. He will have time to get over any jet lag and familiarise himself with the sailing area before the first race which takes place on the 22nd October. Before that date there will be a pre-championship regatta and also a practice race.

Through this blog I will keep an update of events and results and hopefully some pictures from the event thanks to the media portal of the event website.
If you are interested to actually follow the races (remember Argentina is around 5 hours behind CET) you can actually follow them through the tracking system on the event website. I will give the link to the tracker at a later date as it is still under construction.

The Championships have been sponsored by:
Banco Galicia, Telecom Personal, Parrado Yacht Insurance, Riotecna, Despegar.com, Pinturas SteelCote, Bourke Advertising and Production, Dole, Avène, Granix, ENARD, Municipalidad de San Isidro, Prefectura Naval Argentina, Secretaria de Deportes de Nación, Asociación de Optimist Argentina y la Federación Argentina de Yachting.

Thank you to RLR Yachting and De-Vere Group for the support they have given to Jake.