Final Overall Results for the RMSR 2014

ARTIE coming in at the finish  Pic: Kurt Arrigo / Rolex

ARTIE's winning team  Pic: Kurt Arrigo / Rolex

The RMSR 2014 is now over but many boats are still either on their way back or in harbour somewhere in Sicily, Pantelleria and Lampedusa repairing damage sustained during the storm.

ARTIE certainly won in style this year and it will definitely be a race to be remembered for a long time by all who took part in it .

Final over results for the race:
1st ARTIE a J122 Yacht from Malta owned by Lee Satariano and skippered by the owner together with Christian and Sebastian Ripard. Crew members: Tom Ripard, Sam Pizzuto, Matthew Gusman, Gordon Bugeja, Tim and Matteo.

2nd XP-ACT BANKS SAILS RACING  an XP44 Yacht from Malta owned by Josef Schultheis and skippered by the owner and Timmy Camilleri. Crew members: Andrew Boyl, Philip Connor, Barry Hurley, Nikky Fenech, Mike Jones, Kenny Rumball, Harry Spedding and Jochem Visser.

3rd NEO BANKS SAILS RACING a Neo 400 Carbon Yacht from Italy owned and skippered by Paolo Semeraro. Crew members: Gigi Masturzo, Juan Carlos Oliva, Peppone Filipps, Diego Batisti, Fabio de Simone, Tony Macina, Albatros Turco, Nicolas Mascoli and Timo Haggort.