Thursday, May 29, 2014

Out and About in Mellieha this Morning

This morning I had a wander around the Mellieha Sanctuary Courtyard and then down to the beach. A beautiful day with deep blue skies. As I have said so many times before, I just love the contrast of the Maltese limestone with the blue sky (and also the blue sea).

Looking up to the Parish Church

The belfry of the Sanctuary chapel 

Part of the courtyard in front of the Sanctuary chapel - this is where we had got married many years ago!

The top of the entrance gate into the Courtyard 



Life's a Beach!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Best Time of the Year - Blissful Days

I'm still fiddling around with knobs, buttons, aperture, shutter speed, settings...............the list goes on and I seem to become more and more confused and not really sure whether I am getting anywhere or not!
The weather out here is at its best - such lovely balmy weather, perfect temperatures and beautiful sea. Went down to the beach early to try and capture the stillness and clarity of the sea. Also started my trials on time lapse............will see how that ends up!

Mr. Crab was rather camera shy

Crystal clear rock pools

Managed to snap him running away

Above and below: The water is so clear - hope I managed to grab the clarity through the shots

Thursday, May 08, 2014

My New Website is Up and Running

I have been working on a new website for a while on and off now. It is basically a kind of portal to share some of my photographs and videos. I hope to change and update with better quality pictures as I go along.
Comments, criticism are VERY welcome and also any useful tips by those whose know how to get the best out of their photography.

More Photo Trials

A mix of photos - some taken today, some recently and some much older. Mucking around with editing and manual mode.

British Coat of Arms holding pride of place above the bar of Coney Island Bar in Victoria, Gozo

Hooded man dragging chains on Good Friday in Victoria, Gozo

One of Victoria's ''landmarks'' - Pius trading his wares in Savina Square 

Taken in Hamburg a couple of years ago

This morning from Dingli Cliffs

Mistra Bay in the distance this morning

St. Paul's Islands this morning

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Trying to Improve my Photography - but have a long way to go!

I have the bad habit of playing safe and do not use my camera to its I am now trying to be a bit more adventurous and trying to get the hang of using just manual mode. I think a lot of it is a matter of just being familiar with the subject and settings..........which means plenty of use and practice of course.
As my main subjects are fast moving sports images turning to scenic and plant life requires a different outlook. Plants can be pretty tricky to get that beautiful crispy clear shot, especially when there is a breeze blowing.
Above are just a few shots I was playing around with this morning - very disappointed so its back to a bit of 'forum studying'.


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