Easter Weekend Photos

Some shots from the past Easter Weekend in Gozo.
The first pic,below, is quite an interesting one as it shows where the 3 roads meet on the hill to Dwejra. I have put an explanation in the photo itself.


The above photo of the Azure Window in Dwejra is taken from an angle one doesn't usually see it from. To get this view one has to go along a long dirt track on the outskirts of San Lawrenz and Gharb. It is a lovely walk and views are spectacular - summer sunsets even better.

The silver boot lies above the small traditional cobbler's work shop in Victoria.

What is usually a rather dreary looking succulent most of the year comes to life in Spring. The above plants sit on the surrounding wall of San Pupulju farmhouse 

Statue bearers exiting San Gorg church in Victoria

Statue of the Crucifiction

One of the little kiddies taking part in the procession

Dragging chains as pennance

The proccession goes through the old back streets of Victoria

The organ and choir balcony in the Basilica of San Gorg

Trying to be artistic!