What to do with a Whole Bunch of Parsley

Pic: Taken just before this blog entry

We tend to come back from Gozo laden with other people's generosity in the form of, what could mistakenly be taken as, a mobile vegetable shop. Today was no different. Freshly cut cabbage, broccoli, garlic, lettuce, spinach.........and............heaps and heaps of parsley. There is only so much parsley one can use throughout the week so what to do with it all? Today I decided to make a parsley pesto. 
I very roughly cut off the heads off the parsleyy with a bit of stalk and threw it all in the liquidiser with heaps of olive oil, feshly squeezed lemons, loads of fresh garlic, freshly ground pepper and about half a packet of left over sunflower seeds which have been sitting in my jar for quite a long time! You can basically throw anything you want in nut wise - see what needs using up. 
A good whizz in the liquidiser and dip your finger in to a delicious taste of freshness that only nature can supply.
How to use it? Any way you want. It can be a substitute for the normal basil pesto with pasta, spread on crispy toasted bread, a nice dollop on top of a piece of roasted or barbecued bit of meat.......just use your imagination a bit and discover cooking your usual day to day things with a little bit of something else thrown in.