Gale Force Winds - Lovely Winter's Day

Some people complain about the cold windy weather, but we are in the middle of winter so what can one expect? We need the rain to feed the ground, we need the wind to churn up the sea and wash the coastline clean. Rough sea is the best natural cleaner there is......remember the Exxon Valdez disaster spilling tons and tons of crude oil along the precious coast line of the Prince William Sound in Alaska? Great fuss was made, and quite rightly so, because of the disaster to wildlife along the coast was horrendous. There was talk of the years and years of cleaning it would need - but in the end it was nature that came to the rescue and over the years it has been stormy seas that has been the most efficient cleaner.

Here in Gozo a drive along my favourite bit of coast line, Panorama Road along the Salt Pans past Qbajjar, gives you one of the most dramatic and beautiful sights there is in stormy weather. Below are a couple of photos. The reef off Qbajjar was a bit of a disappointment today as I thought the waves would be bigger, but it was still a thrill to see it.

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