Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Days Made Bearable

I am not one to look forward to summer - simply because it has become far too hot to cope with. Surely all those years ago, as a young girl spending the whole day outdoors, the strength of the sun was not the same. If we could only have a couple of windy days a week it would make all the difference to the temperature - certainly more bearable.

So far summer has been great......and why? Exactly for that reason......we have had days of wind interspersed with hot sunny summer days. The difference in ones day to day life in general is BIG!
This year so far has been a record breaking year for wind I am sure. We have had masses of it, gale force, border line force 4's and the happy in betweens (for windsurfing that is). Various general predictions (by Joe Bloggs in the street) have been we are in for a windy summer.........difficult to say but so far it has been. So it is fingers crossed that this will actually be true, and I say this both to have the energy to go about our day to day jobs and general living and (on the selfish side) so we can get in lots of lovely windsurfing days.

What better than windsurfing in lovely pristine deep blue, clean and warm waters, no thick wetsuit and lots of lovely wind! And that is what we had yesterday - great windsurfing day and then to top it all some bodyboarding thrown in early this morning.

Most people look forward to having some wind on the weekend, but my selfish self would prefer it during the week when there are less cars driving to and from the beach, less people around and less boats on the water. I am rambling on again!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SUP Picture on The Times of Malta Today

This was the back page of The Times of Malta today. My son, John, SUP'ing in Ghajn Tuffieha yesterday afternoon.

Gozo on Eeurope's Secret Summer Hot Spots


Random Pics in Gozo and Malta

A taste of cool breezes overlooking Qbajjar in Gozo

Superyacht 'NOSTROMO' in Birgu, Malta

Many house names in both Malta and Gozo reflect a past life living overseas - usually in America, Canada or Australia. The above is more likely to be linked to Oz than bonnie Scotland.

All pics: Bunty Cachia

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Great Video with alot of Depth

Graham Ezzy- Writing and The Sea from Ezzy Sails on Vimeo.

I can really relate to this video. I think that quite a few people can relate themselves to this.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hot and Balmy Summer Days

We are now well into summer out here and people are already mumbling about feeling too hot!
Yesterday was a pretty perfect day in a perfect setting down at Ghar Lapsi in Malta. The water was amazing both to  look at and to swim in - we are so lucky out here with our sea water quality!
Above are just some quick snaps I took.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Windsurfing Has Made the News in Malta for a Change

Click on the link below - windsurfing actually made news out here as we seem to be the only ones enjoying all the wind we have been getting. Shame the camera man didn't really know what he was filming cos the cuts seem to be just before a more interesting manouvre.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And the Wind Keeps Coming

This year has definitely been an amazing year wind wise..........and let us keep our fingers crossed it carries on that way throughout summer for two reasons. Firstly.........well we want wind! What better than windsurfing in hot climes and warm clear blue sea. Secondly, if we have regular wind it will keep the extreme summer temperatures at a bearable heat.
Yesterday was another windy day. Although I went down in Ghallis I cannot boast at having had some terrific windsurf since the wind was weak and gusty.....but having said that the wind came up late and the lads had a great time. Shame I had to leave early. Oh well.........another day. Below are a few snaps I took before reluctantly leaving.




Ray and John


PV Panels in Malta

PV panels are the ''in thing'' not only in Malta but worldwide right now. Something that should have been the ''in thing'' years ago...........but I am assuming that the petrol giants managed to delay the boom in the industry through the various means these power giants have.

One such company that is now establishing itself here in Malta is MALDANCO ENERGY SERVICES.  Not only are they offering a good service with a good product BUT offering a good after sales service - which in my books is almost more important than the actual product!

Click on their link above and read more about them. If you are considering investing in PV panels give them a ring for advice on your requirements.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Pics in Valletta and Gozo

Taken in the harbour in Gozo - just love the little box-like tenders like the one in the foreground and background to the right

Sitting at Horizon restaurant, Qbajjar - food not great but such a wonderful spot. 
One of my favourites in Gozo. Worth just going for a drink and enjoying the

As I was walking down Kingsway (sorry still call it that - cannot get
myself to refer to it as Republic Street!) I heard this beautiful voice
singing the Ave Maria. Above is where this voice came from. Poor guy was
boiling hot but at least he had an appreciative audience.

So......I did what I have wanted to do for along time. Visit the public loos
in Strait Street. During the time the Malta was a British base, Strait Street
was THE place to be for night life and a little bit more than innocent fun!! 
The public loos on the corner were as grotty and revolting as one could expect - 
somewhere you would not dare to enter even in the most desperate of situations. Fairly 
recently a company (think they actually sell bathrooms) had the brilliant
idea of doing up the loos in a nightclub/posh brothel style and so I just had to visit!
One has to pay a fee of 30 cents and you are given a written VAT receipt (YES - amazing)
by a very smartly dressed, good looking coloured chap. Have to add he keeps the whole 
place spotlessly clean and was extremely polite and we shared a good joke too. 
It was quite an adventure with mirrored stainless steel doors (seen above)
to enter the main loo area which you can see below. Doors into the loos are more like
a door into a posh cinema. The loo itself is decorated with a kind of cement 
finish which actually makes you wonder whether the walls are carpeted.
Photo of loo is below. It was a terrific experience and just had to
snap the event! If you are in Valletta it is a definite must DO. They are on the 
corner of Old Theatre Street with Strait Street, just a few doors down from 
Marks & Spencer.

The VAT receipt for 30 Euro Cents!

Above sign was on a menu noticeboard outside a restaurant in Mdina.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Malta Nominates 3 Landmarks for 8th Wonder of the World

St. John's in Valletta  Pic: taken from The Malta Independent

Malta has nominated 3 local landmarks onto in their quest to find the 8th wonder of the world. Read more on this LINK.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Early Morning Meanders in Ghammar, Gozo

A peaceful night in Ghammar and now I await more guests - this time a honeymooning couple from America!
It is always so interesting meeting so many different people from various parts of the world. All different, all extremely nice and a pleasure to have met.
Awoke to a beautiful morning, peace and quiet and an opportunity to grab the camera and snap away within 10 feet of our front door.

Prickly pears are now flowering

The cactus are flowering. This flower blooms once a year and lasts just a day

One of my custom made ceramic light shades. I ordered them at BRISTOW POTTERIES

Playing around with the editor

More of the Prickly Pear flower

Refelection of Ghammar Hill. I was standing outside the kitchen window.

This was sculpted by our great friend and neighbour in Victoria, Gozo - Anthony Grima. See some more of his stone sculptures on HERE


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