Another Successful Euromed Over

Yesterday was the 3rd and final day of racing. The race committee decided to finish racing a day early due to the strong wind forecast for today. With winds varying from very light on the first day building up to a moderate to strong wind by the 3rd day gave these young sailors a challenge in a variety of wind and sea conditions. 
The final race results are:
Optimist Class Open                            Optimist Class Cadet                      Optimist Class Novice

1. Fenella Bennett (GBR)                1. Demetrio Sposato (ITA)                  1. Megan Ferry (MLT)
2. Onisiphoros Neophytoy (CYP)    2. Jake Satariano (MLT)                     2. Neil Farrugia Vella (MLT)
3. Pippa Cropley (GBR)                  3. Giorgia Cingolani (ITA)                    3. Saul Vassallo (MLT)

Laser 4.7                                                                                                   Laser Radial

1. Semen Sukhno (RUS)                                                                           1. Justin Busuttil (MLT)
2. Robbie King   (GBR)                                                                            2. Maya Podesta (MLT)
3. Edward Fleri Soler (MLT)                                                                    3. Roberto Briffa (MLT)