B2 Overall Winner of 2013 Rolex Middle Sea Race

Pic: Kurt Arrigo for Rolex

The IRC TP52 has just been named as this year's overall winner for the Rolex Middle Sea Race.
Owned by Michele Galli, with Francesco de Angelia (of America's Cup fame) as its tactition, the Italians managed to bring the trophy back into the hands of an Italian team. The first time since 2005.
You can read the full article on HERE

Meanwhile, Oiltanking JUNO was first Maltese boat back and probably 1st in Class 3 closely followed by XP-ACT.

ARTIE-FX have had a very disappointing race and are still quite a few miles away past Lampedusa on their way to Malta. OTRA VEZ sailed through the Comino Channel a short while ago and is heading for the finish line - she may make 3rd in class 4.........but one cannot confirm yet.

Below are some shots I took up at the channel as some of the yachts came through.