Autumn Winds

Had a great afternoon yesterday with a strong WNW'ly wind. Went down to get a couple of hours in earlier on and was very comfortable on my Evo 81L with Tush Rock 4.2m. Had my windsurf and the wind really picked up strong and the guys changed down to 4's and I had a couple of hours of more fun behind the camera.

Rider: Austin Zammit

Rider: Chris Spiteri

Rider: Darius Goodwin

Rider: Darius Goodwin

Rider: David Vassallo

Rider: Carmelo Abela

Rider: Thomas Meachen

HE RODE! Thomas Meachen - that's what happens when you get an old board for free.......but a fab afternoon of windsurfing pushing as hard as you can.


PeconicPuffin said…
Nice photos, tremendous session! I am jealous, but glad you caught it!