A Leisurely Morning in our Capital City - Valletta

Last week I did something I have been wanting to do for a long time - spend an entire morning in Valletta with my camera. I had to take my car in for a service, so whilst waiting until it was ready I had the perfect opportunity to roam these ancient streets and  play the tourist for a few hours. 
Cannot say I walked around all Valletta cos I didn't - there is so much to see and do that half a day is nowhere near enough time. 
I also did something else I have been wanting to do for many years - go to the MALTA EXPERIENCE. Worth every bit of the €15 it cost to get in. Included in the fee is a tour of the Knights Hospital at the MEDITERRANEAN CONFERENCE CENTRE  (didn't do that part since I know the conference centre quite well).
Below is a taste of the photos I took. I will be making a slide show at a later date.

Typical balconies in Valletta

Fountain in the Lower Barrakka Gardens

One of the guards outside the Palace

Paintings of Naval ships down in the harbour - these have been there for many years. Judging by the good condition of the paintwork somebody must be keeping them maintained

These illuisionists on the corner of the Palace were quite amazing. Have not the slightest idea how it is done - all around were totally baffled

''Nicca'' - one of many in Valletta. These are usually dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but there are many corner statues and other niches around the city dedicated to Jesus on the Cross or varioius saints

The ''Smiling Prince'' in Straight Street - obviously seen better days. If only walls could talk. Straight Street was bustling with life during the days when the Royal Navy were stationed here including the US 6th Fleet. You can read more about the notorious Straight Street on HERE

One of many attractive 'Step' streets

A done up World War II motorcycle - if the decoration on the bike is correct then it is German, though the colour should be army green. It looks like most of it is original.


Jane Berger said…
What a wonderful day and great photos...one of my favorite places to wander!
Bunty said…
There is so much to see and we do not take advantage of it. Valletta is one of many.....as you well know!