Sunrise Sunset - People Come People Go

Sunrise Cirkewwa Malta 08/08/2013

Pic: Bunty Cachia using Nikon D7000 F/22 Exp. 1/30sec

Sunset near the cliffs behind San Lawrenz, Malta 08/08/2013

Pic: Bunty Cachia using Nikon D7000 F/10 Exp.1/500sec

We get some lovely sunrises and sunsets. The same way the sun welcomes a new day and the sunset says goodbye to that day, so do we welcome new guests and, unfortunately, have to say goodbye.
We have been very blessed with all the lovely people who have travelled over to Gozo to stay in our houses DAR GHAX-XEMX and SAN PUPULJU. Once again, after bidding farewell to another family, I get that feeling that I know why I am doing this. The reward is in meeting people from different cultures, interesting stories to tell, interesting back grounds. The reward is in seeing how visitors appreciate all the hard work and love which has gone into our renovations.........and in the way they look after the houses like they were their own. The reward is in having made new friends. So as the sun sets on this day it journeys around the globe only to rise the next day bringing with it more new guests from all parts of the world and with them another culture and new friendship.