Lazy Summer Sundays

As each summer rolls by, and the heat seems to be more and more intense, I have grown to seriously dislike Sundays. Sundays are meant to be a 'day of rest'. To be honest what else can you do in this awful heat feeling like a totally worn out wet rag but rest? More like going into a deep sleep which almost borders on hibernation!
Yesterday we were not totally lifeless - we made the effort to go down for a nice long early swim. Heaven! Nobody about, water was refreshing and we got a good dose of exercise. Next breakfast and up to 9.30 mass - the children't mass - by far the most interesting and fun. Buy the Sunday Times of Malta a loaf of bread and head back for a shower and .............F L O P! We did actually come back to life again in the evening and ventured down for another quick swim, but nowhere near as refreshing as our early morning one.

There was a great interview in the Sunday paper with our now world famous opera singer, and No.1 cultural ambassador for Malta, Joseph Calleja. I was most interested to hear his thoughts on various local hot topics, and even more interested - or should I say intrigued (not sure if that is the right word) - to see that his thoughts mirror mine exactly.

Image copyrighted by Times of Malta

There were a couple of more things that caught my attention in the paper. One of which was an article about the names Maltese parents are giving to their new born babies at the moment. Very amusing! There is a tendency (and I hasten to add that I do not think this happens just here in Malta) to name offspring after football players (who on earth would want to be called Rooney?? Yes they actually do use surnames as first names), the obvious pop stars like Kylie, Enya and Miley (who's he or she?). There is even an Angelina Jolie and no doubt there must be a few Brads lurking somewhere! The good old fashioned christian names seem to have gone by the by and according to The Sunday Times there were only 3 Josephs last year. Quite amazing when you think that every other man of my generation and generations before me are called some form of Joseph - be it Joe, Joey, Guz, Zeppi and other Maltese shortened variations of the name. Now there is more awareness about Joseph Calleja it may start to become a fashionable name once again. AND OF COURSE there is our new Royal George Alexander Louis.

Other interesting headers were:
''Pink Panther Escapes Jail''
Apparently a member of the so called Pink Panther jewel thieves escaped from a Swiss prison.

''Bird Suspected to be an Israeli Spy''
I mean who on earth thinks up these titles? Having said that they do catch your attention and take you away from the monotony of all the boring and, unfortunately, tragic news  the newspaper is full of. I shall quote from the newspaper for the above heading :
''Turkish authorities detained a bird on suspicion it was spying for Israel, but freed it after X-rays showed it was not embedded with surveillance equipment.''
Poor bird was innocently flying by - little did it know it was being taken for the feathered version of 007!