Hot Summer Days = LETHARGY

I was meant to write this post over the weekend whilst having a rare relaxing time in 'San Pupulju' in Ghammar, Gozo. To come to the point, I was feeling far too lethargic to bother putting fingers to keyboard.
So.....talking about feeling lethargic, that is what this blog post is all about.

Gozo is full of magical moments. I would say, if not all, most of these magical moments are enjoying the simple things in life. I was sitting in one of our favourite spots in the house (top of external staircase overlooking the fields and view up to Ghammar Hill). That day had been a scorcher, now this favourite place was in the shade. The afternoon was coming to an end and a slight thermal breeze had started to flow through - first the odd little gust then a steady, ever so light, breeze to cool you down. The silence was almost noisy! The odd cicada made itself heard with the odd grunt coming from the gecko camouflaged and hiding behind the drain pipe. The water melons in Bernarda's field are coming along nicely and she seems to be growing some corn for the first time this summer.

Whilst drinking in all sites, sounds and atmosphere around me I could not help but think of fab books I have read like ''Under the Tuscan Sun'' or Carol Drinkwater's ''The Olive Farm'' etc. Reading this particular type of book one always gets that feeling that these people live in an idyllic world of their own...............that was the exact feeling I experienced at the top of our little steps last weekend. 

Thank God I can still experience that feeling of living in an idyllic world albeit for just a short amount of time.

Summertime snack