Summer Days Made Bearable

I am not one to look forward to summer - simply because it has become far too hot to cope with. Surely all those years ago, as a young girl spending the whole day outdoors, the strength of the sun was not the same. If we could only have a couple of windy days a week it would make all the difference to the temperature - certainly more bearable.

So far summer has been great......and why? Exactly for that reason......we have had days of wind interspersed with hot sunny summer days. The difference in ones day to day life in general is BIG!
This year so far has been a record breaking year for wind I am sure. We have had masses of it, gale force, border line force 4's and the happy in betweens (for windsurfing that is). Various general predictions (by Joe Bloggs in the street) have been we are in for a windy summer.........difficult to say but so far it has been. So it is fingers crossed that this will actually be true, and I say this both to have the energy to go about our day to day jobs and general living and (on the selfish side) so we can get in lots of lovely windsurfing days.

What better than windsurfing in lovely pristine deep blue, clean and warm waters, no thick wetsuit and lots of lovely wind! And that is what we had yesterday - great windsurfing day and then to top it all some bodyboarding thrown in early this morning.

Most people look forward to having some wind on the weekend, but my selfish self would prefer it during the week when there are less cars driving to and from the beach, less people around and less boats on the water. I am rambling on again!