Took the pic off a friend's Facebook page but think the origins of it are from

This month has been a month where one does not wash windows, cars or preferably anything that is left outside. Sand in the air is a very common feature out here during May, but this month we seem to have seen a bit more than usual. Yesterday brought a whole load of sand over from the Sahara (Tunisia and Libya way) as can be seen from the photo above. We have had gale force winds from the South and it was quite amazing to see the sudden difference in visibility within just an hour. Also, just as amazing, to suddenly notice that within a few minutes of the wind turning West the air was suddenly lovely and clear once again.
Being a tiny island in the middle of the Med it is quite easy to miss us, but recently we seem to have been attracting dust from all quarters. The last bit of dust to 'hit the news' was the black ash coming from Mount Etna. It's all to do with where the wind is blowing!