A Cat's Life - Battle for the Sofa!

HRH Cic!

 I am sitting peacefully reading in my favourite spot on one side of our 2 seater sofa. As our cat stroles around the edge of the sofa that peace is no more! What I see in that one expression as Cic looks up at me is enough to disturb anyone's peaceful reading. This particular expression consists of a number of issues all rolled into one. Namely ''Hmmm SHE is sitting there'', utter disgust, how am I going to get round this one, my  plans for the evening have been thwarted..........and I am sure many more.
That is all quite easy to ignore, but the problem starts when I want to get up to nibble at something, drink, have a pee - whatever. This I reluctantly do and, of course, in a flash, before I even have time to look back, Cic is up there in my place already curled up pretending nothing has happened. So I do what I got up to do and then head back to commence battle with the cat to get my place back. I am totally ignored - naturally. Curled up, eyes closed, ears slightly back and you know exactly what is going on in that little hairy brain of his. I 'pretend' to sit down on him.............no reaction.........I sit with a little more pressure..............no reaction............more pressure...........his claws are now digging into the throw on the sofa................well then I will have to squash the cat! That does the trick and I get my place back, but only to have to suffer the rest of the evening with two furious eyes glaring at me from a ''2nd place'' position in some other part of the room. Quite discomforting but it's a cat's life!