Thursday, May 30, 2013

Special Offer on Holiday Accommodation in Gozo

I have a special offer on the above house, DAR GHAX-XEMX, in Gozo (Maltese Islands). The above house is available for one week rentals between the 6th and 26th July on a stay 7 nights and pay for 6 basis.
Prices and more details about this unique property can be found on this LINK or contact me by email on
This house has been 5* rated by former guests over the past 6/7 years we have been operating. It is situated in a very pretty dead end alley in the old part of the main town of Victoria. The bus terminus is a 5 minute walk away and in less than a couple of minutes you can be sitting in the pretty squares of San Gorg and It-Tokk in Victoria enjoying a cool drink, capuccino or delicious local culinary delights.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Took the pic off a friend's Facebook page but think the origins of it are from

This month has been a month where one does not wash windows, cars or preferably anything that is left outside. Sand in the air is a very common feature out here during May, but this month we seem to have seen a bit more than usual. Yesterday brought a whole load of sand over from the Sahara (Tunisia and Libya way) as can be seen from the photo above. We have had gale force winds from the South and it was quite amazing to see the sudden difference in visibility within just an hour. Also, just as amazing, to suddenly notice that within a few minutes of the wind turning West the air was suddenly lovely and clear once again.
Being a tiny island in the middle of the Med it is quite easy to miss us, but recently we seem to have been attracting dust from all quarters. The last bit of dust to 'hit the news' was the black ash coming from Mount Etna. It's all to do with where the wind is blowing!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Cat's Life - Battle for the Sofa!

HRH Cic!

 I am sitting peacefully reading in my favourite spot on one side of our 2 seater sofa. As our cat stroles around the edge of the sofa that peace is no more! What I see in that one expression as Cic looks up at me is enough to disturb anyone's peaceful reading. This particular expression consists of a number of issues all rolled into one. Namely ''Hmmm SHE is sitting there'', utter disgust, how am I going to get round this one, my  plans for the evening have been thwarted..........and I am sure many more.
That is all quite easy to ignore, but the problem starts when I want to get up to nibble at something, drink, have a pee - whatever. This I reluctantly do and, of course, in a flash, before I even have time to look back, Cic is up there in my place already curled up pretending nothing has happened. So I do what I got up to do and then head back to commence battle with the cat to get my place back. I am totally ignored - naturally. Curled up, eyes closed, ears slightly back and you know exactly what is going on in that little hairy brain of his. I 'pretend' to sit down on reaction.........I sit with a little more reaction............more pressure...........his claws are now digging into the throw on the sofa................well then I will have to squash the cat! That does the trick and I get my place back, but only to have to suffer the rest of the evening with two furious eyes glaring at me from a ''2nd place'' position in some other part of the room. Quite discomforting but it's a cat's life!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Malta and Gozo Special Offers

Alley leading to Dar Ghax-Xemx at night

Dar Ghax-Xemx dining room

San Pupulju double bedroom

San Pupulju kitchen

I have some special offers going for both of our properties during the month of May, June and July. Please email me on or take a further look at our properties on our website
You can also contact me throught the contacts page of our website.

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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Maltese Islands leading the Way Once Again - this time with the Climate

GOZO - a very special place
Pic: Bunty Cachia

Once again Malta and it's islands have made the news. This time they share first place with Zimbabwe (!) as having the best climate on earth. To be totally honest I am quite sure there just HAVE to be more places in the world that have an equally good climate, if not better, than we have, but then I suppose it boils down to what you consider is a perfect climate. Not everybody's views of the perfect climate is the same. That is the critical side of me saying that, BUT it is terrific to be featured as having the best climate in International Living magazine.
You can read the whole article on HERE


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