Water Time at last

Sandro Pace - one handed. Making the most of the small waves

At last, after a 4-5 week dry spell for me, was able to get back out on the water on my EVO 81L and Tushingham 5.2. Conditions weren't out of this world but I was out on the water, wet, planing (and overpowered in the end) - what more could I ask for? At my age I am grateful for anytime I can now get out there.............having said that I DO plan to keep on at it until I physically am totally unable to windsurf. Wonder if any contraption has ever been made to fit a zimmer frame or wheelchair onto a board!!

Nowadays, I am almost just as happy behind the camera lens as I am out on the water (well not quite!). I managed to get some decent footage and a couple of shots. Just need a bit more stuff and I will have enough footage for my movie. Been sporadically working on gathering what I have on camera into different sections. Once all that is on file I can then start outlining the movie before putting it into a skeleton edit. Time, time, time!