Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rolex Sydney - Hobart Coming to an End

The Sydney-Hobart race has proved to be yet another tough one - starting off in fairly light conditions the fleet have been pounded with gale force winds for the latter part of the race.
Wild Oates XI has once again won line honours but, as yet, no overall winner has been announced.
Local sailor, Christian Ripard, was this year on board NIKATA - a Swan 82 - and they were 11th over the line behind  VARUNA and from what I have heard are 2nd in Class though I cannot say that is definitely correct. Below are some great shots taken from REGATTA NEWS.

Start of the race coming out of Sydney Harbour

NIKATA starting the long haul towards the Bass Straits

NIKATA surfing the waves 

Glad I am not on board !

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Euromed International Championship Movie out by Planet Sea

Below is the official movie made of the Euromed event. The movie was made by Shaun and Kurt Arrigo - two brothers well known for their yachting photography locally and internationally.
You can view Shaun's website on HERE and Kurt's wesbite on HERE

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another Successful Euromed Over

Yesterday was the 3rd and final day of racing. The race committee decided to finish racing a day early due to the strong wind forecast for today. With winds varying from very light on the first day building up to a moderate to strong wind by the 3rd day gave these young sailors a challenge in a variety of wind and sea conditions. 
The final race results are:
Optimist Class Open                            Optimist Class Cadet                      Optimist Class Novice

1. Fenella Bennett (GBR)                1. Demetrio Sposato (ITA)                  1. Megan Ferry (MLT)
2. Onisiphoros Neophytoy (CYP)    2. Jake Satariano (MLT)                     2. Neil Farrugia Vella (MLT)
3. Pippa Cropley (GBR)                  3. Giorgia Cingolani (ITA)                    3. Saul Vassallo (MLT)

Laser 4.7                                                                                                   Laser Radial

1. Semen Sukhno (RUS)                                                                           1. Justin Busuttil (MLT)
2. Robbie King   (GBR)                                                                            2. Maya Podesta (MLT)
3. Edward Fleri Soler (MLT)                                                                    3. Roberto Briffa (MLT)                                                 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Euromed 2013 - 3rd Day of Sailing

On to Day 3 of the Euromed Championships. So far the wind conditions have been quite favourable with a threat of strong onshore winds starting from today.............fortunately the strong wind is not expected until later this afternoon so all sailors were able to launch quite easily from the beach earlier today.

The provisional overall results after two days of racing are below:

Optimist Class                                                                  Optimist Novice Class

1. Fenella Bennett  (GBR)                                                1. Neil Farrugia Vella (MLT)
2. Stijn Paardelooper (NL)                                              2.  Andrea Pizzuto  (MLT)
3. Onisiphoros Neophytoy (CYP)                                    3. Daniele Micallef Valetta  (MLT)

Laser 4.7                                                                         Laser Radial  

1. Robbie King  (GBR)                                                    1. Justin Busuttil (MLT)
2. Edward Fleri Soler (MLT)                                           2. Roberto Briffa (MLT)
3. Semen Sukhno (RUS)                                                 3. Maya Podesta (MLT)

To keep an eye on results go onto this LINK

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Young Sailors all Set for Start of Euromed Tomorrow

It's the eve of the Euromed Championships and around 150 young sailors are all geared up for some stiff competition over the next 4 days. Teams from Cyprus, India, Israel, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Russia and the United Kingdom are competing this year - making this event a truly International one.

You can follow what is happening on this blog or else on the this FACEBOOK LINK

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Euromed Championships 2013


The Euromed is upon us once again, and as each year goes by this international event becomes more and more popular. This year the start line should be between 130 and 140 young sailors from 10 countries participating. 

The event started off 14 years ago and is focussed around young Optimist sailors and slightly older Laser sailors. It is held in Mellieha Bay bringing our lovely bay back to life and taking me, personally, back quite a few years to our dinghy racing days. A time when local fleets were very large with a great assortment of classes and national championship numbers hovering around the 100 mark. Fun days!

This year racing is taking place from the sandy beach at Maxim'a Lido with accommodation HQ being at the Seabank Resort as usual.

You can visit the local Malta Young Sailor's Club website (an excellent website - well worth a visit) on this LINK to get more info on the event and to just have a general browse.

Teams should start arriving towards the end of the coming week and I will keep this blog up to date with a pictorial view of what is happening and an update of the leader board.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lazy Blogger

I have certainly been very lax with my blogging recently - something I must remedy!
An assortment of pics to start off with.

Bobby Meachen - Ghallis, Malta

Chris Spiteri - Ghallis, Malta

Tommy Meachen (in the air) with Austin Zammit and Chris Spiteri on the way out
Ghallis, Malta

Carmelo Abela going for a backward
Ghallis, Malta

Bobby Meachen - Mellieha, Malta

Chris Spiteri - Mellieha, Malta

Darius Goodwin - Ghallis, Malta

Pierre Zammit, Chris Spiteri and Henry Copperstone
Mellieha, Malta

Malta & Gozo Safest Place to Live

Interesting read!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Video of the 2013 RMSR Start by Shaun Arrigo

This is the video of the start of the 2013 Rolex Middle Sea Race by Shaun Arrigo. Shaun is a professional photographer and does some fantastic under water filming.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some More 2013 RMSR Snaps

Off the pontoons at the Royal Malta Yacht Club

Main sponsor for double hander 'ESCAPE'

Class 1 boats at the Grand Harbour Marina, Birgu, Malta

How many persons needed to carry a sail?? ''MORNING GLORY'' crew members preparing for the start of the race. They claimed line honours.

Members of the public enjoying one of the best views of a race start in the world

TWT - a Class 40 doing the race double handed. About to round the first marker buoy after leaving the Grand Harbour

Preparing for the chute to go up as they round the first buoy

BLACK BULL from Italy

SEAWOLF OF SOUTHAMPTON a regular participant in the race from Gibraltar

2013 Rolex Middle Sea Race Coming to an End


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

B2 - Prize Winner RMSR 2013

B2 Winners of the 2013 edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race

Read the article HERE

B2 Overall Winner of 2013 Rolex Middle Sea Race

Pic: Kurt Arrigo for Rolex

The IRC TP52 has just been named as this year's overall winner for the Rolex Middle Sea Race.
Owned by Michele Galli, with Francesco de Angelia (of America's Cup fame) as its tactition, the Italians managed to bring the trophy back into the hands of an Italian team. The first time since 2005.
You can read the full article on HERE

Meanwhile, Oiltanking JUNO was first Maltese boat back and probably 1st in Class 3 closely followed by XP-ACT.

ARTIE-FX have had a very disappointing race and are still quite a few miles away past Lampedusa on their way to Malta. OTRA VEZ sailed through the Comino Channel a short while ago and is heading for the finish line - she may make 3rd in class 4.........but one cannot confirm yet.

Below are some shots I took up at the channel as some of the yachts came through.


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