A Good Start to the Windsurfing Season

This past week has been a great start to the new season for windsurfing and there is more to come. Let us hope this past week has been a good omen for the coming months.
Today had a great short sail down at Ghallis - came in to change down cos was way overpowered with a 4.7m and did a very stupid thing by deciding to come up in a stupid place. Hence got whammed by a set breaking on the rocky shore and damaged my board a bit and had to pluck a couple of sea urchin spikes out of my fingers. But ..........all in a days sailing. Well not quite cos only had 45 minutes! But enjoyed every minute of it. Took the opportunity to take some video and shots - couple of which are below.

Click on the pics and see the slide show.

Jamie Drummond

Jamie Drummond

My hubbie can still do it! Anton Cachia

Chris Spiteri

Thomas Meachen

Matthew Fleri Soler