Wind at Last

Jamie Drummond 29th Nov 2012 Mellieha from Bunty Cachia on Vimeo.

Finally the wind drought seems to have been broken. We had a lovely south westerly yesterday which made for good sailing in the bay. Weather forecast looking good over the next week with some very strong wind on Monday which should be good conditions for Ghallis.

A breath of fresh air has been put into the local windsurfing scene with the appearance of JAMIE DRUMMOND and his girlfriend, Jo, who are with us for a few weeks/months. Just what we need here in Malta. Our aging windsurfing community desperately needs a big injection of young blood and inspiration. It seems that the fast learning curve towards the big adrenalin rush of kitesurfing is proving more inviting to the younger generation. I can understand it.

Above is just a short clip taken yesterday. I am, at the moment, sifting through years of stills, footage, sequence shots etc. trying to filter out the right stuff needed for a new home movie I have been wanting to make for a long time. Still trying to get to grips with my Adobe movie maker but learning as I go along - though I am sure there are alot of short cuts I could take which I have yet to discover. Just hope the result will be passable!

Meanwhile, hope to enjoy some of the wind coming our way. Today............gloomy and rainy and squally........BUT we desperately need some rain so not complaining.