San Dimitri Fireworks Factory Just Exploded

Sitting here in San Pupulju in the quiet hamlet of Ghammar near Ghasri, Gozo. Suddenly a massive explosion rocks the whole house, windows and everywhere around. This is followed by another 3 or 4 explosions - not sure how many to be exact. We knew immediately what it was - it unfortunatley happened a couple of years ago aswell -  the fireworks factory which lies at San Dimitri point outside Gharb. We just hope there were no casualities but being the weekend there were probably people working there in their spare time off.

Above you can see the mushroom cloud that formed just after the explosion and below is the locality of the factory - photos taken from the very top of our roof.

So many seem to lose their lives each year due the obsession there is out here with fireworks for festa time. I know the fireworks look nice and they play such a major role in each village and town festa but is it really worth the amount of lives lost and families affected by these tragedies?