A Hot Autumn Day

The Southerly breeze has been with us for the past few weeks with just the odd few days where a North Westerly has been thrown in to breath a freshness back into the air around us.

Today is no exception. As I look out over the fields in front of SAN PUPULJU FARMHOUSE, glistening dew drops teeter at the end of the potato plant leaves, overflowing into the freshly tilled soil filling it with nourishment only Mother Nature can supply.

Each weekend I stand, overlooking Bernarda's field, and follow the progess of the garlic and onion seedlings which will, no doubt, add plenty of flavour to our meals come the Spring. Cabbage leaves look full to bursting point already - yet they still have quite a while to go before they will grace our table. The joy of having wonderfully kind and generous neighbours!

The peace is almost loud! Then rudely interupted by the sound of overflowing water as the pool starts it's filtration routine. This soon becomes the soothing background sound which only the sound of water seems to be able to create.

................and that is just the start of the weekend!