Hi-Fidelity - Has she Snatched the RMSR 2012 Crown?

The 2012 Rolex Middle Sea Race will certainly be one to remember. As the 2007 RMSR is infamously known for it's extreme gale force conditions, so will the 2012 RMSR be remembered for its total lack of wind.
All crews have pushed themselves (and are still pushing themselves) to their limit to increase every half a knot of boat speed throughout the race.

It seems, as I write, that Hi-Fidelity has actually taken the title this year. As the majority of the fleet round Lampedusa and start their approach to Malta, the little bit of wind they had now seems to be dying down. Around Malta there is minimal wind and by tonight the remaining yachts will probably be caught up in yet another wind hole.

I suppose one would have to call this one of the most challenging, stressful and frustrating races - certainly in the past decade or more. It is a big disappointment for team ARTIE RTFX who have been one of the firm favourites throughout these past few days. XP-ACT kept them on their toes and finally got the better of them in the last 24 hours. They approach the Comino Channel as I write. QUOKKA was also considered as a likely contender this year, but, as we seem to learn more and more as each year goes by, it is impossible to even predict who will actually steal that coveted prize. Surprises are usually sprung at the last minute.

ARTIE RTFX on the way out of the Grand Harbour at the start of the 2012 RMSR (pic Bunty)

Hi-Fidelity after the Class 2 start of the 2012 RMSR
(pic Bunty)

Now we look forward to seeing family and friends back home. Look forward to hearing all the different stories and most of all look forward to the race again next year!