Early Morning Aroma

Pic: Bunty
''Pastizzi''   Pic:www.felicekitchen.com

The hour has gone back and we are on Winter time again. Up at dawn - not quite dawn as it is so dark outside it could be the middle of the night.
Out I go to join the early morning throng of delivery vans and tradesmen to catch the 5.45am ferry to Gozo and start a new week.

One could think of the ferry as just a basic and necessary form of transport connecting Malta to Gozo. Not so - this essential  link has almost become an extension of my home. As I board and start up the stairs, the welcoming smell of fresh ''Pastizzi'' warms the chilly morning air. 
At this time of day a good old cup of tea will suffice, but the ''Pastizzi'' aroma completes the early morning atmosphere.