ARTIE Still Holding on .......just!

Above pictures (Kurt Arrigo for Rolex) are ESIMIT finishing last night and RAN giving it's best on the last leg of the 600 mile plus journey.

More or less half the fleet have now passed or are passing the island of Pantelleria. At this point ARTIE RTFX is still leading overall with XP-ACT in a very close second. HI-FIDELITY and TAKESHA are 3rd and 4th respectively at this point in time. ESIMIT is home as are RAN, STIG and MED SPIRIT. 
The next marker to round for most of the fleet will be Lampedusa. 

Here in Malta a storm is brewing with thunder rumbling close by and in the distance. I expect this storm will reach the home coming yachts (infact some have already experienced some thunder and lightening). This will no doubt make the race even more interesting and mean many more sail changes in order to keep up and increase their boat speed.

It is interesting to read some of the blog posts on the RMSR website. These can be found HERE

Meanwhile, web traffic following the race continues. It would be interesting to know just how many hits the Tracker page has had since the start of the race!