ARTIE Pushing Towards Favignana




Although the wind has been extremely light most of the time, there have been very short bursts where a bit of wind has made an appearance. Apart from the start on day 1, there was some decent wind on leaving the Straits of Messina only to be totally becalmed once they reached Stromboli. Progress from Stromboli towards Favignana has been slow (to put it mildly). Once the leading big boats rounded Favignana they were able to catch a better breeze and the second half of the race is proving to be a bit faster for them. Esimit is, in fact, on the homeward leg and is due in sometime tonight.

Now that some of the yachts have passed, or are heading towards Pantelleria, the race has been thrown open with alot of possibilities as to who may actually win the race. But, ofcourse, that is anyone's guess. As seen in past races, the unexpected can happen within metres of the finish line.

ARTIE is still pushing hard. The gaps have closed and there are threats all around them. This means they cannot afford to stray away from total concentration on keeping the boat moving and making sure they do not make any tactical mistakes.