September Definitely on its Way in the Maltese Islands

We, traditionally, get our first rain anytime between Santa Maria (15th August) and the month of September. This summer has been an incredibly hot summer - heatwave temperatures lasting the whole of the summer months so far. Wind has been non existent, including the thermal afternoon breezes. Never known the water to be so still for such a long period of time - even the fish look lethargic as we snorkel our way over the boulders around pieces of the coastline.

This morning there is a real September feel in the air. Very humid south easterly air current, clouds are about and, looking over the hill and out to sea past the east coast of Gozo, it actually looks like there may be some rain.

I always enjoy this time of the year anticipating the change of the season. I look forward to every season but probably anticipate the change in September more than other months since there is a hope of wind glorious wind, and also some rain to start washing away the accumulation of months worth of hot summer dust.